Lloyd Bridges Family & Friends


  • father Lloyd Vernet Bridges: was in hotel business in California; at one time owned a cinema
  • mother Harriet Bridges:
  • son Beau Bridges: born on December 9, 1941
  • son Garrett Bridges: born in June 1948; died of sudden infant death syndrome in August 1948
  • son Jeff Bridges: born on December 4, 1949
  • granddaughter Jessica Bridges: born in 1983; father Jeff Bridges
  • daughter Lucinda Bridges: born in 1953; gave up acting to concentrate on raising her family
  • grandson Dylan Bridges: born in 1984; father Beau Bridges
  • grandchildren : had 12 total
  • granddaughter Haley Bridges: born in 1985; father Jeff Bridges
  • grandson Casey Bridges: adopted by Beau Bridges; born in 1969
  • granddaughter Emily Bridges: born in 1986; father Beau Bridges
  • grandson Jordan Bridges: born in 1973; father Beau Bridges; made acting debut with Lloyd and Beau Bridges in the TV-movie, "Thanksgiving Promise" (1986), which also featured Dorothy Bridges in a supporting role and featured an unbilled walk-on by Jeff Bridges
  • grandson Ezekiel Bridges: born in 1993; father, Beau Bridges
  • granddaughter Isabella Bridges: born in 1981; father Jeff Bridges


  • wife Dorothy Bridges: met at UCLA; married in 1939 at the Little Church Around the Corner in NYC; exchanged vows again on 50th wedding anniversary