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  1. EXCLUSIVE: How to pull off a Tom Cruise stunt

    Tom Cruise breaks down his most dangerous stunt yet in this exclusive interview

  2. Movie review: Run All Night

    Liam Neeson is 63-years-old now, which may explain why 'Run All Night' is more a cruise through predictable territory, than the thrill ride the title suggests

  3. Insurgent star's Hollywood dream becomes reality

    Emerging Australian star Keiynan Lonsdale is about to have his life changed forever as he hits the big screen in Hollywood blockbuster 'Insurgent'

  4. Movie review: Insurgent

    Insurgent is the much-anticipated second film in the Divergent trilogy and sees Tris on the run with her band of outlaws after thwarting the power-hungry Jeanine’s attempt to take control of all society’s factions

  5. Disney to ban smoking in its films

    Smoking has had its day at Disney, with news that the studio is to ban it in all of its films

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